Walsall Property Investment

Walsall is a market town in the county of the West Midlands, England. A popular commuter area, Walsall is 8 miles north-west of Birmingham, 6 miles east of Wolverhampton and 9 miles from Litchfield.

Why invest in Walsall?


With the growing job infrastructure from Homeserve and Jaguar Landrover the demand for new housing has risen, which Walsall has struggled to meet. With over £300m over the best 2 years to support Birmingham as a second city including the HS2, Walsall is an untapped market for the growing population of 269,323, perfect for the shrewd investor.

As a commuting town of Birmingham, Walsall benefits from the regeneration invested into the city in preparation of the HS2 rail. As the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham contributes £114.3 billion to the UK economy. Identified as a global source of opportunity with business, financial and professional services making up for 500 companies Birmingham employs over 150,000 people. The significant strategic development has seen major international businesses including HSBC and Deutsche Bank relocate to the thriving city.


Located 8 miles from Birmingham and 6 miles from Wolverhampton, Walsall’s access to the M6 motorway offers fantastic links of transportation. Walsall train station is located in the town centre, with four trains per hour running to Birmingham.


To accommodate Walsall’s rising 269,323 population the town has become a redevelopment hotspot with recent projects including Walsall Manor Hospital (£174million), Walsall College (£65m), Waterfront South (£60m) and St Matthew’s Quarter (£25m).


In the heart of the Midlands, Walsall offers a peaceful Victorian public park and green space covering over 80 acres, currently undergoing restoration. Mixing the balance of city centre links with an oasis of peace, Walsall is the perfect commuting area for both Birmingham and Wolverhampton.


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