Neighbourhood Watch: Deansgate, Manchester  

Neighbourhood Watch: Deansgate, Manchester  

Deansgate, Manchester

The epicentre for Manchester’s creativity, Deansgate combines a rich history of culture dating back as far as the Roman Empire. Home to the towering Hilton Hotel, the stunning John Rylands Library and Deansgate Locks, Deansgate is a hotspot for Manchester’s nightlife.


Deansgate Railway Station

Boasting its own train station by Deansgate Locks, the trendy neighbourhood is well connected to Manchester’s city centre. In addition, the tram system is on hand to commute conveniently around the city.


Living Room

Home to some of Manchester’s trendiest bars, Deansgate has a thriving night scene. From the original Living Room and La Tasca, Deansgate has an array of cocktail bars, traditional pubs, wine lounges, TIKI dives and rock clubs.


The Botanist

A popular area for young professionals, Deansgate has an array of restaurants, cafes and bars to appease the local community and tourists. Among the fantastic offerings of eateries, The Botanist is revered for its eclectic gluten-free friendly menu and Australasia’s exotic atmosphere.


The Great Northern, Manchester

A short walk from Oxford Road, shopping is a highlight for many a Mancunian. A popular shopping hotspot in Deansgate is Shopping Complex, The Great Northern. Built by Great Northern Railway between 1896-1899, it is 267 ft long, 217 ft wide, 75 ft and 5 storeys high. Encompassing restaurants, entertainment, gyms and shopping, The Great Northern is a powerhouse in Manchester’s booming economy.

Final Note

Deansgate stands as a hotspot for Manchester’s economy. The large numbers of students and young professionals make the neighbourhood a fantastic opportunity for hotel, residential, student and commercial property.

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Why the cool kids of property are falling in love with Middlewood Locks regeneration…

Why the cool kids of property are falling in love with Middlewood Locks regeneration…

Manchester never fails to impress, from sport and theatre to entertainment and property. Demand for the rainy city is seeing property value increasing by 29.22%, thanks to the rise in people heading to Manchester for the growing job prospects. The regeneration plans have completely reinvented the city, with new neighbourhoods evolving to meet the growing demand. Middlewood Locks, an exciting new neighbourhood by Salford Central railway station is the biggest scheme of regeneration in the Manchester area.


Cleverly located by the waterside, Middlewood Locks offers the serenity of suburbia with the excitement of city life, an innovative place of business and a new location for shops, hotels, restaurants and bars, public open spaces, only ten minutes away from Spinningfields. More than just a neighbourhood, the £1 billion regeneration, Manchester’s most vibrant, and soon to be the favoured place to live among young professionals and growing families, is a lifestyle compiling of amenities including a gym, bar, nursery and medical centre.

Green Space

In the clean and open spaces featuring nature trails and cycle paths, Middlewood Locks offers relaxing greenery by the beautiful canal. Complemented by the beautiful trees, the park life will be a welcome calmness from the hustle and bustle of city life, operating at a slower pace.


The attractive 24.5acre site offers the gift of transportation with Manchester City Centre within walking distance and main transportation links only a mile away. The local area offers a host of developments coming from source including The Greengate Generation to revive 13 hectares in order to reconnect the historic centre of Salford with Manchester’s modern vibrancy. Additionally, Irwell River Park is creating an international waterfront destination providing a range of environmental improvements for sustainable transportation in addition to commercial and residential development.

A place to call home.

A place to live, work and relax, Middlewood Locks, plays host to Middlewood Plaza, an impressive development featuring split-height blocks of six and nine storeys, with a total of 125 homes across the site.


  • Smart technology included as standard, for a future-proofed development
  • An appealing mix of apartments, townhouses and duplexes
  • High-quality kitchens and bathrooms included as standard
  • Secure underground parking
  • Dedicated cycle bays
  • Fully wheelchair accessible apartments
  • All apartments serviced by fully maintained lifts
  • Whole-house ventilation and sprinkler system protection
  • Private roof terrace access for all residents


As an investment, Middlewood Locks is showcasing the future of property: a combination of the quietness of suburbia and the cosmopolitan of the city. Middlewood Locks is the answer for the accommodation needs of the Manchester urban professional. Mixing luxury living spaces with close-knit amenities means the demand for tenancy will be high upon completion.

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info@tarquinjones.comWhy the cool kids of property are falling in love with Middlewood Locks regeneration…
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