Why the South Wales Metro is good news for Property Investment    

Regeneration is the future

While Northern England is enjoying the fruits of the Northern Powerhouse Initiative, The Midland Engine is en route to experience the same level of economic regeneration for the Midland Region stretching to Wales. The biggest form of development is none other than The South Wales Metro set to revolutionise the transport of the region.

South Wales Metro 

The South Wales Metro is a multimodal integrated public transport network set to transform rail services, local bus services and active travel. This will include an investment of £738 million into the valley lines to Treherbert, Aberdare, Merthyr Tydfil, Rhymney and Coryton. Over 170km of track will be electrified and track stations and signaling will all be upgraded including the building of at least five brand new stations.

What’s happening?

In preparation of this, Transport for Wales are investing in a £100 million depot to be at the heart of South Wales metro operations. Situated in Rhondaa Cynon Taf, the development of the depot will be the first major works as part of Transport for Wales’ transformation of the valley’s rail network for the South Wales Metro, as part of the wider £5 billion investment to transform transport in Wales. The modern depot will maintain brand new Metro Vehicles which are due to enter service from 2022. The site will also include a new Integrated Control Centre which will manage the operation of services on the Metro lines.

What does this mean for property investment?


The revolutionized transportation system makes South Wales a key area for employees and businesses to enjoy. This will allow businesses to enjoy access to a wider talent pool from areas within the


From the breathtaking Brecon Beacons to the spectacular Glamorgan Heritage Coast, the evolution of staycations, has seen South Wales continue to be a tourist attraction. The arrival of the South Wales Metro will strengthen the tourism industry, by stretching to more districts across the South Wales region.

The student population

Many students in their second, third and postgraduate years of study choose to live in private student accommodation instead of student halls. The arrival of the South Wales Metro, will give flexibility of the locations of student properties. With an efficiently-run transport system coming, the demand for luxury student accommodation will

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info@tarquinjones.comWhy the South Wales Metro is good news for Property Investment    

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