The Bridge – Kirkcaldy

The Bridge is a fully managed commercial property investment, guaranteeing investors a return of 8%.


  • Prices from £35,000
  • 8% NET return for 5 years
  • Clear exit strategy in years 5 & 10
  • Fully managed investment
  • Central location
  • 26 miles from Edinburgh
  • Facilities include restaurant, meeting and conference rooms, and on-site parking




A fully managed and completely hands-off investment, The Bridge is a discerning commercial investment opportunity in the rising area of Kirkcaldy. Located in the heart of Kirkcaldy's regeneration belt, units are available from £35,000 offering investors 8% guaranteed NET return for 5 years.




The Bridge offers a space for Scotland's many entrepreneurs to thrive in an up and coming area set to rival the reputation of Scottish sister cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Offering first-class working spaces, conference facilities, meeting rooms and state of the art broadband connections, this property takes full advantage of the regeneration coming towards Kirkcaldy's high street. Located on the 8 acres of land earmarked for commercial, residential and industrial regeneration, tenants will be lining up to operate their businesses in the city centre location. In addition to the state-of-the-art facilities, The Bridge offers a fully equipped restaurant, CCTV, reception service, eco-friendly heating and lighting, and an on-site gym for commercial tenants with changing facilities; making this property an excellent opportunity to take advantage of Scotland's economy.




  • Reservation fee: 10% (Day 1)
  • Simultaneous Exchange & Completion: 90% (Day 7-14)




The Bridge offers its investors a guaranteed 8% NET rental return for 5 years, with a clear exit strategy in years 10 & 15.

See table below for an example of the amount of returns you could earn:



£35,000 (200 sq. ft)£2,800£5,600£8,400£11,200£14,000
£70,000 (400 sq.ft)£5,600£11,200£16,800£22,400£28,000
£105,000 (600 sq.ft)£8,400£16,800£25,000£33,400£42,000




The demand for supply in Edinburgh's office market, the UK's second biggest financial centre, is strong due to its thriving status as a global hub of innovation and has led to the surrounding area being required to provide office spaces. Kirkcaldy, located 40 minutes away from the Scottish capital, takes full advantage of Edinburgh's regeneration, and new businesses coming to the area. In anticipation of this, the British Government, have invested over £1.35 billion to build a bridge, linking Fife with Edinburgh. This will benefit the blooming finance, higher education, and scientific research industries, expanding them to Kirkcaldy.

Kirkcaldy, known locally as Lang Toun, is a port town with a rich industrial history and an active harbor since 1451. The beautiful scenery of the area is a great option for commercial property for businesses interested in creating calm working spaces compared to the hurried atmosphere of Edinburgh. In the heart of Kirkcaldy, The Bridge is a building with stature, history and all the facilities needed for modern businesses.


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