St Camillus No7 Blackpool

St Camillus No7 Blackpool – A fully operational hotel, is a brilliant, ethical, investment opportunity with 65 modern en-suite rooms


  • Unit price from £49,950
  • 65 en-suite rooms
  • 999 year leasehold
  • Completely hands off investment
  • Immediate returns at 10% NET with no other costs to you – £416.25 per month
  • Socially responsible and ethical investment
  • Yield immediately and paid quarterly in arrears
  • No additional ownership costs
  • Secured exit strategy
  • Assured buy back option at year 5, or at year 10 and receive an additional 10% uplift.
  • Beautiful sea views
  • Excellent central location


St Camillus No7 is a fully operational care hotel that is based right in the heart Blackpool city centre. This opportunity will offer accommodation & training facilities for young autistic adults and also provide fabulous accommodation for family, friends and tourist visitors throughout the year. St Camillus No7 also has an entry level invest of £49,950 with a total ROI of 110% over a 10 year period.

One of the greatest things about this opportunity is that it's an ethical and socially responsible investment. The National Autistic Society estimates that 700,000 adults in the UK have autism. This means 1 in every 100 people have autism, of which 53% are aged between 16-35 years old. The demand for locations that offer supported accommodation for this age group is huge. The need for experienced on-site care and support is growing but is still massively under supplied.

The Financials

5 years financials – £4,995 rent x 5 years = £24,975 rent PLUS buy back at 105% (£49,950) = £77,423

10 years financial – £4,995 rent x 10 years = £49,950 rent PLUS buy back at 110% (£54,945) = £104,895


St Camillus No7 is a fully hands off investment opportunity. Over 18 million visitors in 2018 spend £1.5bn in the local economy, fuelling regeneration thus increasing demand for quality hotels like St Camillus No7.


The start of 2018 sees Blackpool on the cusp of reaching the next stage of regeneration. Hundreds of new homes are set to be built in the centre of town. Investments in hotels and leisure facilities are also in the pipeline. Work is already underway on more than £30m of new public buildings.

Blackpool has started work for a £25m conference centre to be built alongside the Winter Gardens just 300 meters away from the hotel.

St Camillus No7 is located in a fantastic position on the front line of the promenade with unspoilt sea views and just meters away from the centre of Blackpool with all the main attractions the city has to offer. Over 17 million people visited Blackpool alone in 2016 and is projected to increase rapidly year by year, creating substantial investment.

There has been a substantial increase of hotels in the area being bought by very well-known hotel groups and international investment funds due the increasing levels of visitors and all the regeneration work being done and funded by Blackpool Council.

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