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Where Property meets Art 

Aside from our work in the Real Estate industry, we believe in the power of the creative arts. The films of yesterday from Some like it Hot to Love Actually, were conversation starters, shaping and evolving pop culture into what it is today. Unfortunately, as the worldwide economy has faced problems, the arts took the first punch. When funding declined, the work being released into the entertainment industry was much more limited and effectively restricting the messages being sent and lessons being taught.

Where is the next Anton Chekov? Who is the F Scott Fitzgerald of 2019? Where is the Stephen Sondheim of Generation Z? Who is the Arthur Miller of the millennial generation?

These names sound familiar? Let me guess, you’ve spent your downtime singing along to Jonathan Larson’s lyrics in Rent or know Winnie Holzman’s entire script of Wicked? You’ve been at the crack of dawn analysing Pulp Fiction or enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon with Midnight in Paris? Then one day you decide to step into the writer’s room or the director’s chair to join the ranks of dramatists throughout history to bring your story to life. We’ve all seen the aspiring entertainers conceiving their ideas in a park with only their faith in an idea to keep them going. In times of political strife, we are determined to play our part to rectify this.


Inspire was conceived to give the creative arts the financial support it rightfully deserves.  Tarquin Jones is interested in connecting with creatives to help fund projects within the creative arts. To say we’re excited to branch out into culture is putting it mildly! We’re looking for everyone and anyone who expresses themselves artistically. So, if you’re a screenwriter, playwright, filmmaker, libretto, lyricist, choreographer or maybe an author who wants to produce the next great novel, musical, film, stage show or even an opera but is lacking financial funding, we want to hear from you.

Tell us about your passion, your education, your portfolio and most importantly your story and why the world needs it at

info@tarquinjones.comIntroducing Inspire

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