Where Property Meets Art

Not only are Tarquin Jones passionate about property investment, but we also promote the arts through theatre and film production funding.

Inspire is our new initiative designed to give our clients an alternative form of investment opportunity. Inspire focuses on feature film and theatre opportunities that offer good levels of return on investment.

Tarquin Jones are committed to providing investors with the best opportunities the UK has to offer.

Every year, hundreds of financially prosperous film and theatre productions require funding, to allow for the project to be fully produced.

Tarquin Jones’ role is to connect our investors to the strongest opportunities and guide them through the entire investment process, allowing for the production to be made, and for our investors to received a good level of financial return.

Offers start as low as £10,000. Large scale investments are also available for every project.

We act on behalf of investors and make the process easy – particularly for those where investing in the entertainment industry may be a new venture.

Want to know more about our current investments? Click the link below or alternatively, please drop an email to our in-house producer and sales manager at connor.matthews@tarquinjones.com



Midas Man offered our investors a lifetime opportunity to invest in a film about undoubtedly the greatest band in the history of music, and the person behind them. Midas Man, tells the remarkable story of Brian Epstein, the man who discovered The Beatles, became their manager and oversaw their meteoric rise to become the biggest band in the world before tragically passing away at the age of 32.

Featuring iconic music throughout, Midas man is set to be one of the biggest films of the year and is scheduled for a worldwide theatrical release in 2022. This unique investment placed Investors ahead of the OSCAR and BAFTA winning team of filmmakers in the revenue stream with initial returns expected by the start of 2022 and is forecasted to reach as high as 388% ROI.


Inspire was first established in 2018. As part of the initiative, we also incorporated a small film fund that would allow film and theatre makers to get small projects off the ground which otherwise would not have been conceived, due to a lack of funding. Our focus was to fund projects which had strong notions of social consciousness and awareness, or which we in some way tied to a charity.

In 2018, Tarquin Jones contributed towards the independent film ‘Blank Shores’, which explores themes such as child loss and the stigma around mental health for men. Its screenplay received the Grand Prize in the Oscar/BAFTA affiliated Rhode Island International Screenplay competition. The production company teamed up with the charities CALM and Sands to raise awareness of the underlying themes explored in the film. They both do inspiring work raising much-needed awareness and funding research.

Most recently, Tarquin Jones gave the fund to The Orchard, an upcoming film featuring about our impact on the environment and the devastating repercussions of meddling with nature. The film managed to secure over a dozen international awards and attached BAFTA winning actress, Sharon Morgan, and BAFTA nominated actress, Elen Ryhs.

Tarquin Jones are committed to continuing the fund for promising projects and we encourage upcoming producers to reach out to us via the link below.

If you have any queries regarding our investment opportunities or of film fund, please contact connor.matthews@tarquinjones.com or alternatively click the ‘Enquiry Now’ button below.