Art is expression and expression is life.
The urge to create runs through all.

Not only are Tarquin Jones passionate about property investment, but we also promote the arts through theatre production funding.

Inspire is our new initiative designed to bring ideas into full theatre productions which otherwise would not have been conceived, due to a lack of funding.

The Concept

Every person has the desire to achieve something, to be something or to want something. The presence of desire to attain an end is as natural as a plant needing water. It is the urge of life within us to grow. Desire is therefore unfulfilled expression.

There are so many worthwhile projects and charities that embody the sentiment that we believe in, but we feel there is no better to personify this than the creative arts.

We have all experienced the joys of the human heart when we see our child perform in their first school play. We have been touched by beautiful theatre productions that stir human emotions and reach out to the depths of our souls.

A rich society is one which conveys the whole of life, and so we play our part to promote this. Inspire, our initiative is aimed at those who have conceived a great idea but lack the financial resources to translate that to a wider audience.

If you feel that this is you, then we would like to hear from you. We partner with individuals or theatre production companies, regardless of their size.

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The future is yours; create it!