Where Property Meets Art

Not only are Tarquin Jones passionate about property, but we also promote the arts.

Inspire: To excite, encourage and breathe life into

Inspire is our initiative designed to provide funding for the arts that otherwise would not have been conceived due to lack of funding.

We do this by either providing direct funding for projects or by putting funders and projects together.

Its our way to give and support social issues whilst at the same time supporting the arts as well. We believe this works best through inspiration.


Blank ShoresAn independent film which received “Grand Prize” in the Oscar/BAFTA affiliated Rhode Island International Screenplay Competition.

 Highlighting child loss and mental health issues, the production company teamed up with charities CALM and Sands to raise awareness and much needed research fund around these issues.

 Tarquin Jones was involved with directly funding this project.

Midas Man – a biopic about Brian Epstein, the man who introduced The Beatles to the world and changed popular culture forever.

Jonas Akerlund, who has worked with Paul McCartney on music videos and has won multiple Grammy Awards, will be directing the film.

Tarquin Jones were one of the main entities raising finance for Midas Man by bringing clients together with project stakeholders.

The Orchard“We consider it one of the best screenplay specs in the world today” – FEEDBACK FILM FESTIVAL

 Tarquin Jones provided direct funding for The Orchard, a film which highlighted our impact on the environment and the repercussions of our delinquent behaviours against nature. 

If you feel you have a project that you would like to talk to us about, 

please contact inspire@tarquinjones.com