About Tarquin Jones

Mission Statement:

We believe in the principle of increase; increasing the wealth and value of all of our clients through property investment opportunities.

Why Tarquin Jones?

At Tarquin Jones, we specialise in delivering innovative UK property investment solutions, including residential buy-to-lets, student accommodation and other commercial investments, such as hotel rooms, care home rooms, car park spaces for our global client base.

With over forty years’ experience generating property investment assets, we provide simple and powerful property investment solutions, driven by sound market fundamentals, designed to achieve financial freedom, security and a legacy.

Regularly working with both first time investors as well as season investors, our goal is to increase wealth and value, focusing on creating an intelligent creation of wealth through property investment, regardless of our client’s location.

Our Approach

At Tarquin Jones, we pride ourselves in offering vigorous investment opportunities with a customer-driven focus. We provide a full end-to-end service, from introducing investment opportunities to completion of sale. To provide convenience to our clientele, our approach is simple, clear and very effective property investment solutions based on sound fundamentals through thorough in-depth research.

Due Diligence

Tarquin Jones are dedicated to sourcing the best developments for our clients in order to deliver a valuable service with respectable returns and capital growth. Although with any property investment there is always an element of risk, we carry out a thorough process of due diligence to mitigate such risks.

See here for details.

Our approach focuses on four main areas:

Wealth Creation through property Investment sourcing

  • Focus on growth areas
  • Focus on off-market opportunities
  • Each property comes with extensive research

Investment Strategy:

  • Set returns/income objectives
  • Determine capital investment
  • Establish Strategy

Active Portfolio Management:

  • Construct Portfolio plan
  • Implement income generating initiatives – e.g. rent management, value creation etc
  • Drive effective Portfolio Management

Exit Strategy:

  • Identify optimum timing for asset disposal
  • Manage asset disposal process

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